I believe that Christianity is unique among the religions of the world, not because the claims about the divinity of Christ but because of the message that Christ preached and practiced. Basically every religion preaches a message of love and peace, the golden rule and so on, and they all make claims about both humans and the gods. In this sense Christianity isn’t a unique religion, however, what makes Christianity different is that the gospel is a piercing critique against the overarching system that seems to govern how we live. The cross is not just a symbol for the love of God and the forgiveness of sins; it is also, and foremost, a symbol of how Christ defeated the powers of this world. This victory of Christ is unique for the Christian faith because all other religions make their claims with the power systems of the world still intact. So the tour de force of the Christian message is not solely that it offers forgiveness to human sinners but that it includes a critique of the way this world is governed – that is the foundation all other claims are made from. What follows from this is that Christianity does not only offer us a way of living in this world, it also offers us a way of imagine a new world and it challenges us to live as if that world was already fully present.