The Church is to be an alternative community, an ecclesia, which has opened itself up to be disrupted by the coming of the kingdom and thus accepted both the infinite demands and the impossible possibilities contained within it. From this follows that we, as the community of believers, should not define our faith by negating that of the empires of the world. We are an alternative community to the empires but we are not their binary opposite, rather we should be understanding our communal being in the world on an entirely different plane since the kingdom is not from this world and we should therefore express our faith positively. Unfortunately we have all too often failed miserably in doing so and the consequence has been a religiosity, claiming to represent Christ, which is a simple reflection of that which we are called to be an alternative to. Communities shaped by this reactionary spirit is thus crafted into imperial images and its actions are as excluding and oppressive as those that nailed Jesus to the cross. As followers of Christ, who on the cross became the excluded one for the sake of the excluded, we should be looking for a more narrow road.